Our Mission:

To help others ...

The Josh Lindblom Foundation is a tax-exempt, IRS 501(c)(3) organization established by Josh and Aurielle Lindblom in October of 2011. Tax ID: 45-3649441.

The Josh Lindblom Foundation’s mission is to promote awareness and raise funds for families and children in need and to provide financial support for other charitable organizations. The foundation also strives to facilitate the dreams of others.

  • To Dedicate our time and efforts to our events and other charitable organizations. 
  • To Recognize and respond to the need of families and children in the community. 
  • To Empower others to find strength, hope and inspiration and seek the opportunity of a promising future. 
  • To Allocate raised funds to other charitable organizations selected based on the Josh Lindblom Foundation mission. 
  • To Minister to those within the community and offer memorable experiences to others. 
  • To Support families and children in the Lafayette and West Lafayette, Indiana, community, and also the city for which they play. 

All of the funds raised by the Josh Lindblom Foundation will be kept in the community in which they were raised to help local families and children.

Who we are


  Josh & Aurielle were both born and raised in West Lafayette, Indiana, and both alumni of Harrison High School and attended Purdue University. They were married in January of 2011 and have three children, Presley, Palmer & Monroe.

Growing up in the greater West Lafayette and Lafayette community, Josh had the dream of becoming a Major League Baseball Player. That dream came true for him as he made his Major League Debut with the Los Angeles Dodgers on June 1, 2011. Since then, he has played for the Philadelphia Phillies, Texas Rangers, Oakland Athletics and Lotte Giants of South Korea & currently Pittsburgh Pirates.

He can attribute many of his accomplishments in his career to those that mentored him in the Lafayette community, as well as the support in the cities he played. Through this dream and the paths their lives have taken, we truly felt the need to give back to the people and communities that our journey began.

To contact Aurielle & Josh, please contact us here or by emailing joshlindblomfoundation@gmail.com